Coming Together

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YNCC is excited to share that our two campuses are coming together to start a new journey!  Our YNCC leadership is fully convinced that God is up to something great during this season of change and that God is calling us to take a bold step of faith and leave the Broadway campus to find a new future as a church.

While this is a very pivotal time for our church, we believe this brings us an incredibly unique opportunity for us to pursue God’s calling for our congregation in a way we have never done before. Just imagine what our church can be and should be as we fulfill God’s mission for our generation and the generations to come! 

After much prayer and fasting, our YNCC leadership came to agree that at this defining moment of our church, we need to bring our two campuses (Broadway and Jefferson) together as one to begin this new journey.  We firmly believe that we are stronger together. With that, we believe it would be best to bring the two campuses together to begin our new journey at the Jefferson Campus.  

We understand that there are many questions you may have regarding this move and will attempt to address them below in our FAQ section.  If you have any other questions or concerns that are not addressed below, please email us at We also want to encourage you to subscribe to our email list above to get timely updates about this transition.

We are so thankful for all the wonderful things that God has done at our Broadway Campus and are excited about the many great things God will continue to do through YNCC as we come together at the Jefferson Campus! 



Why are we moving?

YNCC started in 1989 as an English Ministry under YNPC (Young Nak Presbyterian Church, aka KM). We grew to a point that in 2003 with YNPC’s blessing, we became fully independent with our own senior pastor, our own elder board (Session), and separate finances. Even though we are two separate churches, we have covenanted to stay together under the same roof in an interdependent model to fulfill God’s mission together. In late 2017, YNPC leadership shared with YNCC leadership that their vision had changed, and that they no longer believe in this interdependent model that both churches had shared.  Their new vision is to have the entire education (infants to college) and a new English Ministry under KM (Korean Ministry) to preserve their own KM identity.  They communicated to us that it would be better for us to go our separate ways for both churches to grow.  After much prayer, our leadership is fully convinced that God is up to something great, and is calling us to take a bold step of faith and leave the Broadway campus to pursue God’s new vision for our church.


When are we moving?

We estimate that the whole process could take anywhere from 6-12 months (as of June 2018).   Now that we have chosen to merge at Jefferson, we hope we can speed things up.  During this time, our priorities are to prepare the Jefferson site and work with Jefferson leadership to ensure all ministries transition well, especially our education ministries.


How are we preparing for the move?

We are focusing on 3 areas to prepare for the move: People, Facilities, and Ministry. First, we want to make sure our people are ready. Members from both campuses need to be spiritually and emotionally prepared so that our hearts would be ready to come together at the Jefferson Campus and grow together as one. Second, although the Jefferson Campus is more than able to accommodate all of YNCC, we are expanding the Jefferson facility to make it even more inviting for all who will enter our doors. Lastly, we are working closely together with the Jefferson leadership to develop our ministry plans so that each ministry would transition well.


What if I want to stay at Broadway Campus?

We (YNCC) have a 29-year relationship with KM (YNPC) and understand how difficult this can be for some people, particularly for those who have family that attend both churches.  We respect and honor any choice you make, and will do all that we can to help you in the coming months.  If you are struggling with this decision and wish to seek counsel, please contact us at and we will come alongside you to help in anyway we can.  Our leadership is committed to blessing YNPC (KM) and their new vision. We have had a beautiful history together for the last three decades. We have a lot to celebrate. It’s our prayer that God would continue to bless and use both churches for his glory in the future.


When can I start going to Jefferson Campus?

Jefferson is a campus of YNCC and is available any time for you to attend services and participate in the ministries of that campus.  As to when our entire church will move, that is a plan we are currently putting together.  We want to make sure that the move is well planned to cause the least amount of disruption to worship, ministry, education, and our Sunday experience at both campuses.  Having said that, if you can help build our education ministry by volunteering, we need you there as early as possible. We plan to prepare and train volunteers in July and August. You are more than welcome to move there with your family. Also, if you believe that this is the best time especially for your children to move, please feel free to move first to welcome others that come later. From Sunday Experience to Education ministries, every ministry will need some extra support.  To start serving, please email  


Where is the Jefferson Campus located and what are the worship times?

The Jefferson Campus is located at 150 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007. The Jefferson Campus currently offers two services on Sunday. First service is at 9:30am and second service is at 11:30am. Lunch is also served between services so we encourage you to stick around and hang out with us.


What is parking like at the Jefferson Campus? Is the community a safe area?

For directions and parking information for the Jefferson Campus please click here. Along with the 3 parking lots, there are over 200 parking spaces on the street within 2 blocks of the Jefferson Campus. As to the safety of the area, many consider the neighborhood around the Jefferson Campus to be safer than the neighborhood around Broadway Campus. We also have a security guard patrolling the area on Sundays during worship time. 


What can I expect for my children?

Growing our children’s faith in Christ is a priority for YNCC. At Jefferson you can find engaging environments and dedicated volunteers who will shepherd your children. From infancy to 12th grade our goal is to equip each child for a life long relationship with Jesus. For more info about education at our Jefferson Campus, click here


Will there be a college ministry?

We believe in integrating college students into our adult congregation so that they would stay connected and become lifelong disciples even after their college years. Instead of having their own separate worship service, they join the adult worship service and are integrated into the life of the whole church by serving in their areas of passion. In addition, we have College only community groups that meet throughout the week and events throughout the year lead by our College Pastor, Blake Cowen. If you have any questions about our college ministry you can email him at


How can I get involved with the moving process?

First, please pray! We can use all the prayers we can get! Second, consider serving at the Jefferson Campus. With people moving over to the Jefferson Campus we will be greatly increasing the number of people who need to be served, including our children! There are various serving opportunities from education to worship and Sunday Experience. To get involved please contact Lastly we encourage you to engage in the community at the Jefferson Campus. There will be many new faces and opportunities for new friendships. We hope you will go with an open heart and join us as we become one big YNCC family.