Marriage & Family Monthly Gatherings

Whatever you pay attention to grows. Plan on investing in the quality of your marriage & family by joining us once a month every 3rd Sunday from 2:00-3:15p in the Cry Room.  Join with other couples as we mix fun, learning and one practical take away each time.  We are looking for couples  who want to be a part of the team.  Just show up or register here or email  



Give tangible practices that couples can do that will prove useful and fruitful.  While, creating space for couples to gather together who want to develop relationships with other couples here in our YNCC family.  This can be a great opportunity to invite your friends and neighbors.


Themes we will focus on

Staying relational while living out core values

Forming a Family Vision

Building a Culture of Appreciation & Gratitude

Balance of Work & Family

Parenting through different stages of life

Simple & Creative ways to pray together as a family


Making Anger your friend

*(Other topics we as a community discern are important)


YNCC Community Participation

This ministry time will be as good as the people who are intentionally investing in their own marriage & family.  If you are interested in being a part of this community please indicate your interest here: I want to be involved in this Marriage & Family Community.



3rd Sunday of the month at 2:15-3:30p

Cry Room (near sanctuary)



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Feb 18

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April 15

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