What is Your Story?

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What is Your Story?

Stories. Everyone has a story - a series of events that have shaped us into who we are today. For some it is an epic tale of love and happily ever afters while for others it is a story of tragedy and hurt. Some stories fill us with joy and hope. Others remind us that our world still needs saving. Stories come in all shapes and forms but they all ultimately remind us of one great truth - the hope for humanity is found in Jesus' resurrection.  This series hits on the idea that everyone shares commonalities in their story, great hurts and great joys. However, there are only a few that experience true transformation and live out a story of hope. Christ touches our experiences and shapes our stories into ones marked by hope. Our goal is to invite people to come with their narratives and to allow their stories to be caught up in the resurrected life of Jesus.

April 1, 2018

What is Your Story

Speaker: Stephen Han Series: What is Your Story? Passage: John 20:11–20:28