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New to YNCC?

Here's what our first-time guests can experience:

Approaching Broadway

Like many large churches, parking can be an obstacle for newcomers who are unfamiliar with the area. Please check out our Parking Map when planning your first trip to YNCC to see all the lots where you can park. Several lots are either within walking distance or offer shuttle service. Please note that we share all our parking lots with Young Nak Presbyterian Church, our Korean-speaking sister church. Once you approach the Celebration Center (the yellow building) please head to the second floor. Once there, you will be welcomed by one of our friendly hosts who will offer you a smile and a worship bulletin.

For info on Jefferson, please visit

Newcomers Parking

If you are new to YNCC, we have a newcomers parking space available. It is located on Avenue 18, right across the street from the Korean Ministry. We will have our own parking volunteers who will guide guests and visitors to YNCC.

If you have kids

Our education ministry spans all ages from newborn to college. If you’re not sure where to send your child(ren) please stop by our office located just across from the sanctuary and we will be happy to escort you to the right ministry. If your kids are shy, they are welcome to attend the adult service with you. However, most children really enjoy the student programs from preschool to college. A cry room is available for you and your infant in the sanctuary so that you can join the worship service.
Broadway kid's ministries

After the worship service

You are welcome to visit our Cafe Missio for a cup of coffee and a delicious snack. The cafe is located on the first floor of our building. All the proceeds from purchases at the café is directed to various missions organizations that YNCC partners with. Grab a quick cup of coffee, find a seat outside in our patio, and enjoy.

What should you wear?

You will notice that people are dressed comfortably, in anything from "office casual" to jeans and casual shoes. Just be yourself.

What is the worship style?

The service usually begins with some upbeat music followed by a welcome and introduction to the theme of the day's service. Each worship service lasts approximately 75 minutes (believe it or not, it goes by quickly). Our band will play a set of 3-5 songs with a contemporary feel. During the song set you are welcome to sing along or simply listen. Whether you've never attended church before or you're returning to church, you'll find the Sunday service to be meaningful. And, if you're a maturing Christian, you'll find the service to be invaluable to your spiritual and personal growth.

How about the preaching?

The messages teach the Bible in a way that isn't boring. We tackle real life issues. We don't avoid depth and substance. We enjoy difficult questions and assume that many view the Christian faith through a lens of skepticism. Using drama, dance, multimedia, contemporary music, and a message that connects with people's lives, the ageless wisdom of the Bible is presented in a creative, yet straightforward way.

Will I have to say, sign up or give anything?

We want you to blend in the crowd and investigate Christianity and our church without being singled out. At YNCC we allow you to be anonymous by not asking visitors to stand and be recognized. However, we'd love to learn more about who you are, so you will have the opportunity to fill out a Communication Card if you'd like. You can ask for information or assistance on the Communication Card, as well as write down a prayer request or sign up for an upcoming activity.

At YNCC you can connect at your own pace

We encourage you to stop by the Welcome Lounge to ask any questions you may have about YNCC or to get information about particular ministries of our church. The friendly volunteers will even give you a tour of our church if you’d like. And you’ll receive a gift just for visiting.

It is our hope

It is our hope that from the time you drive into the parking lot to the time you drive off of it, you'll have an incredible Sunday experience at YNCC. It would be our pleasure for you to come back and call YNCC your home.

Broadway Campus

1721 North Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Service Times:
9:45am, 11:15am, 12:45pm

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Broadway, you can contact us here.

Jefferson Campus

150 West Jefferson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Service Times:
9:30am, 11:30am

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Jefferson, you can contact us here.

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