Serve Opportunities

"Let Us Arise and Build”

God called all different kinds of people to join Nehemiah in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.  Today God is calling everyone at YNCC to come together to build our church.  What part will you play to serve God and to strengthen our church?    

I am interested in learning more about serving in:


  • Host Team - Welcome people to worship and help collect offering. 
  • Info Booth - In the courtyard we help people who ask questions, be prepared to answer and guide them. 
  • Hospitality - Help prepare drinks and snacks for Sunday in the courtyard 
  • Parking Lot Ministry - Create a safe and welcoming environment in the parking lot. 
  • Connect Team - Welcome newcomers to YNCC, find out what brings them and help them get connected.
  • Cross Trainers - Help with cooking on Wednesday nights. 
  • Sound Engineer - Help with the sound on Sunday 
  • Pro Presenter - Run ProPresenter (slides on the screen) for worship. 
  • Cafe Missio - Sell coffee and snacks that provides funds for national workers 



  • Baptism - Help set up the baptismal and coordinate baptism reception
  • Relationship Seminars - Plan and execute various gatherings through the year 
  • Set Design Help - Create and build the stage design 
  • Photographer - Take photos at various church events for social media and archival purposes 
  • Small Group Leader -  Build relationships with people and facilitate a healthy group atmosphere. 

Click the link to find out a few of our serve opportunities here at YNCC. 

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