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Key Components

TLJ is a two-year journey that involves six components: mentor, retreats, cluster, courses, ministry, & prayer. The primary emphasis will be on the monthly one-on-one meeting with the mentor, and four TLJ retreats (biannual over two years). Check below to learn more about each component.


As a TLJ participant, called a "leader," you will have a mentor who will guide you through your leadership journey. This one-on-one mentoring relationship is at the heart of TLJ. Your mentor will meet with you on a monthly basis to share God's activities in each others' lives.



All TLJ leaders and their mentors will meet to engage in structured development training and spiritual formation through four retreats over two years. Each weekend retreat is scheduled six months apart, and the dates are known well in advance, so you can plan to participate.

Check out a video of our first TLJ retreat.


You as a TLJ leader will be grouped into a cluster of 3 to 5 people. This cluster is intended to stay together for the entire two-year process. Your cluster will not only spend time together at the TLJ retreats, but will also meet as a group at least once in between retreats to discuss leadership growth, share God’s work in life, and pray for one another.



You, as a TLJ leader, will be asked to take three leadership-oriented Pathway courses. These can be taken at your own pace anytime during the two-year journey. These courses are designed to help you think biblically and develop practical, godly wisdom as it relates to spiritual leadership — not only for your own sake, but also of the people you are impacting in your ministry work.


All TLJ leaders are expected to continue serving, preferably leading in ministry while on their two- year journey. In this way, what you learn through TLJ can be immediately applied in your own unique area of leadership.



Prior to beginning the journey, you will be asked to identify a team of three prayer supporters who will commit to regularly pray for and encourage you.

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